7 Uses for Paracords

twisted rope

Three paracords with a length of about 90 cm are gathered into one bundle.
A knot at the head connects the 3 paracords together.
At the end each paracord is tied with a bag containing stones.
If you want to catch smaller birds, you can increase the number of paracords to 6-8.

stabilized shotgun

The paracord is tied to the hunting platform and looped over the branches above the hunting platform.
Hit the rope end with an active sliding knot, adjust the appropriate height, and then put it into the barrel.

bundled prey

Take several pieces of paracord about 30cm long and knot all the ends of the paracord together.
The tail can be knotted and tied to hunt wild ducks or geese.
It can be carried on the shoulder for easy carrying.

tow hook rope

Take an appropriate length of paracord and pull out the inner line of the paracord.
Attach the hook to the line and tie the line to the paracord braided belay.
Then tie the belay noose between the two trees.
Put the bait on the hook and start fishing.

cut cheese

When it was time to cut cheese, I realized I forgot to bring a knife.
Now take a nylon thread from the paracord and you're ready to cut the cheese.
Cutting sausage, bread is not a problem either.

paracord wrench

If you need to loosen the screws and don't have a wrench, you can use the paracord to tighten the screws.
Tie a knot on the screw counterclockwise, then pull firmly on the cord in the direction of the arrow.
until the screw is loosened.

cutting paracord

When you need to cut paracord and don't have a knife, you can use the paracord to cut it yourself.
Tie the paracord that needs to be cut between the two trees.
Take the other paracord as if it were a chainsaw, and repeatedly pull on the part that needs to be cut.
Repeat until the paracord breaks.