Advantages of pvc plastic floor

1. Waterproof and non-slip: the surface is a high-density special structure with simulated wood patterns, which will become more astringent when exposed to water and not slippery. Home paving can relieve the safety concerns of the elderly and children. Its characteristics are unmatched by stone and ceramic tiles.

2. Super wear-resistant: The wear-resistant degree of the floor material depends on the material and thickness of the wear-resistant layer on the dry surface, not just the total thickness of the floor tiles. The surface of the brand PVC floor has a thickness of 0.1-0.5mm. Special polymer material, It has a high degree of wear resistance and has the longest service life among similar brand products. Compared with a thin layer of transparent film on laminate flooring or a layer of glaze on tiles, it is even worse.

3. Light weight: the weight after construction. It is 10 times lighter than wooden floor construction, 20 times lighter than tile construction, and 25 times lighter than stone construction to reduce the load-bearing capacity of the building. It is safe and easy to carry.

4. Convenience in construction: No need for cement and sand, no need for wood construction, special glue for paving, fast and easy. There are many kinds of products, including plate rock, crushed stone, marble and wood grain, etc., free matching, saving time and effort, OK once

5. Good flexibility: special elastic structure, impact resistance, suitable eye and foot feeling, providing the highest guarantee for family members in daily life.

6. Good heat conduction and warmth retention: it only takes a few minutes to conduct heat, and the heat is evenly dissipated. There is no cold feeling of stone and tiles, and you are not afraid of bare feet in winter.