Award Medals design

A specially designed Award Medals dedicated to the event can better express the intention of the organizer. Even some design elements that match the event can make the prize more meaningful. In the design of the medal, add the design that matches the event. Elements, such as: the representation of the location elements of the event and the transmission of the spiritual performance of the event, are added to the design of the medals and badges, which can better show the recognition and praise for the past efforts and achievements of the winners, and also make the design more attractive. The meaning of the competition is more meaningful.
In addition to the design elements, the medals are also different in the manufacturing process. The medals made by spray painting, engraving, printing, baking paint, frosting and other processes will have different effects. You can customize them according to your own preferences. Refer to or customize the designer's opinions to make choices and make more beautiful and meaningful medals.
When customizing a specific medal with the winner's name and number, be careful to check carefully to avoid customization errors.