Custom Military Style Medals - A Symbol of Honor and Achievement

Military medals or medallions hold a significant place in the history and traditions of armed forces around the world. They serve as tangible symbols of honor, heroism, and outstanding service rendered by individuals and units. The act of bestowing these awards is often a solemn occasion that recognizes the recipient's commitment, bravery, and sacrifice. JIAN, a prominent manufacturer, has been at the forefront of crafting such emblems of valor with its high-quality custom military style medals.

The process JIAN employs to create these prestigious emblems is both artful and technical. Clients have the option to choose from various manufacturing techniques—stamping, photo etching, or casting—each capable of delivering unique results. These methods can incorporate color infill or remain monochromatic, depending on the original design specifications provided. A particularly popular choice involves the use of copper as the base material, coupled with cloisonné, a sophisticated enameling technique that divides the surface into compartments. This combination not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures the medal's preservation for over a century without any color fading.

JIAN's commitment to customization goes beyond mere aesthetics. Here are some specifications that highlight their dedication to meeting individual requirements:

● Logo Customization: Whether it’s a two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) design, clients can specify whether they want their logo to be raised or recessed, adding a layer of personalization to the award.

● Material Selection: From classic bronze and copper to modern zinc alloy and aluminum, JIAN offers a range of materials suitable for different types of military medals, ensuring durability and longevity.

● Size Flexibility: Recognizing that achievements come in all shapes and sizes, JIAN provides customizable dimensions. This means that whether you need a standard-sized medal or an oversized one to make a grander statement, they can accommodate your needs.

● Color Options: The choice of hard enamel (cloisonné), soft enamel, or printed colors allows for a wide array of designs. Clients can select from existing colors on charts and PMS books to achieve the desired look.

● Plating Varieties: To further customize the appearance of the medals, JIAN offers an extensive list of plating options. This includes gold, silver, copper, bronze, white nickel, brass fake gold, satin gold, satin silver, satin nickel, black nickel, dyeing black, gun color, and antique finishes such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper. For those seeking a more complex aesthetic, there's also the option for two-tone or tri-tone plating.

● Attachment Styles: Medals are complemented with V-shape or H-shape ribbons and ribbon drapes, adding a traditional touch of elegance to the award.

● Packaging: JIAN ensures that each medal is individually bagged, protecting its luster and detail. However, they are also open to alternative packaging methods based on customer requests, ensuring that the presentation is as personalized as the medal itself.

Custom military style medals from JIAN are not just tokens of appreciation; they are crafted representations of valor and dedication. With meticulous attention to detail and a multitude of customizable features, these medals stand as enduring symbols of military achievement, designed to honor and inspire for generations to come.