Custom police challenge coins

Many veterans found that law enforcement was a natural career choice after serving, so federal and local police organizations quickly adopted their own custom-made police challenge coins.
Police challenge coin
Since only your police companions know which precise aesthetic or coin type best represents your troops. So when we decide to issue a challenge coin, we need to think about what these coins will mean or what they mean when you distribute them. Do you need a quiet and tough design to honor the commitment and responsibility of the officer? Or do you want an interesting avant-garde design to express your unit's morale and expertise? These questions will help you determine what makes your department or police role different and make it easier to decide on the exact design or customization of the police challenge currency.
Ordinary police coin design element
The police challenge coin is used to recognize the services of law enforcement officers, which not only represents their professional pride, but also reminds them of their responsibility as a police officer. Every year, hundreds of police and law enforcement agencies come to us. We clearly understand that there are many common elements that enable law enforcement to identify them immediately and still maintain the unique identity of the department.
Blue: Blue has always been the official color of law enforcement, so it's no surprise that many police challenge coins contain blue design elements. Although blue is almost everywhere in the police challenge coin, how do you decide to add or merge blue in your design to make it unique.
Police Badge: There are as many long-standing authority and respect signs as the city government, and almost every department has access to a unique police badge, making them an important complement to coin design. Many departments want to use their badge as a central design point and often use it with department/unit slogans.
Police equipment: From the standard side arm to the handcuffs, there are many items on the equipment list that are iconic with law enforcement agencies. If you want a quick way to determine the specific responsibilities of your organization, you can use some of the most iconic devices or tools in your group.
Archangel Michael: The Christian Archangel Michael is a common symbol on the police challenge coins. From traditional mural-style artwork to highly stylized illustrations, many departments like to do their own original artistic creations on the archangels.
So far, you may already have some ideas on how to use coins, but if you need more help to get started, we can sort out some of our custom-made challenge coins to help inspire your coin design. You will notice that many of them look similar, but each of them has a unique style that makes them special for every police department.