Customized metal badge process

The processes we often manufacture include stamping, baking varnish, imitation enamel, silk screen printing and so on.

Paint process
Bright colors, clear and crisp lines, strong texture of metal materials, concave center with color paste pigment (Pantong color), raised center for various plating effects such as gold plating, nickel plating, etc. (metallic color) Copper, zinc alloy can be used Or iron as the original material, in which the iron paint is cheap and good!
The appearance of the paint badge can be covered with a layer of transparent maintenance resin (Poly), commonly known as "Epoxy" (note that due to light refraction, the appearance of the badge will be bright after applying the glue), but the paint badge after adding the resin Lost the bumpy feeling.

Imitation enamel badge
This type of badge has exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful colors, sophisticated craftsmanship, and smooth appearance; the appearance is flat, (relative to the paint, in fact, the metal lines on the surface of the imitation enamel are still a little raised with your fingers, and the lubricated appearance is passed through Manual grinding and polishing) The outer lines can be plated with various metal colors such as gold, silver, etc., and the color paste pigment is filled between the metal lines. Imitation enamel effect.

Stamping badge
Commonly used badge materials include copper (red copper, red copper, bronze, etc.), zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc., which can also be called metal badges. Among them, copper is the softest and most suitable for making badges, so the lines of the badge are pressed by copper The clearest, zinc alloy badges are the second, and the corresponding copper stamped badges have the highest price. The badges with inscribed inscribed zinc alloy die-casting process are more suitable.
The appearance of the stamped badge can be subjected to various electroplating effects, including gold plating, nickel, copper, bronze, ancient silver, etc. The concave part of the stamped badge can also be processed into a matte effect.