Detailed introduction and characteristics of metal badges

Metal badges are a kind of badges (medals), which are generally made by stamping, die-casting, and biting. The surface of the badge can be electroplated with gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel and other electroplating effects. It has the characteristics of concise and smooth lines, and concavity and convexity of the pattern. Surface color techniques such as baking varnish, enamel, printing, etc. can be used to make the product more rich. Gold and silver badges are the most expensive, followed by copper badges, zinc alloy badges, and iron badges that are the cheapest
The original metal badge is the first step used to make paint badges, soft enamel badges, glue badges, printed badges, embossed badges, and metal badges.
Paint or soft enamel process is then processed into exquisite badges with rich colors. The metal badge has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the various patterns are prominent. It is the most used badge product among high-end users.  Unable to make color metal badges with embossed and concave patterns, the production period will be shorter, which is suitable for mass production of badges.
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