Detailed introduction of ballpoint pen!

Ballpoint pens are writing tools that roll out the writing medium to form handwriting. According to the ink viscosity of the writing medium, ballpoint pens can be divided into five categories: oil-based pens, water-based pens, gel pens, medium-oil pens, and erasable ballpoint pens.

●Oil-based ballpoint pen: the traditional ballpoint pen, the ink used has high viscosity, stable performance, long shelf life and relatively heavy writing feel, and is mostly used for general writing.

●Water-based ball-point pen: Also known as a ball-point pen and a roller-ball pen, it uses water-based ink, with smooth and smooth writing and even lines. It is an ideal writing tool.

●Gel pen: Also known as water pen, the ink used has lower viscosity, is smoother than ordinary oil-based ballpoint pens, and has a comfortable writing feel. It is now the mainstream writing tool.