Explore! Tote bag design expression.

The design of the tote bag belongs to the graphic design, and the image performance includes figurative, figurative deformation, semi-abstract, abstract, etc. One graphic has multiple expression methods, one composition has multiple ideas, and one creative has multiple applications. No matter what method of expression is adopted, the purpose of publicizing and establishing the image of the company and its products must be achieved in the end.

①The way of expression in the form of painting. The application of the form of painting is the most common in the design of handbags. Whether it is painting, freehand painting, watercolor painting, crayon painting, spray painting, or simple strokes, comics, etc., it can well express the role and style of commercial bags. The expression method of painting form is suitable for occasions such as department stores, food stores, clothing stores and exhibitions. The handbags designed by this way of expression are not only prominent in theme, bright in color, but also more interesting and meaningful.

②Photographic expression techniques. Using photography to design tote bags is easy and can achieve great results.

③ calligraphy form expression techniques. The expression technique of calligraphy is a seemingly simple design technique, but it is not easy to obtain outstanding design effects. Because to make the monotonous text look simple, lively and fresh after being combined, it is inseparable from the designer's unique conception and color application.

④The way of expression of the corporate logo. This is a direct way of publicizing the image of each company. The design of the tote bag, especially the design of the tote bag in the form of a logo, can only appear with one logo, and can also design multiple logos repeatedly, or arrange the logos in a regular pattern as a shading, or change the color of the logo and use different textures. .

⑤ Pattern form expression techniques. The use of color, color block segmentation, and flowers and other figurative or abstract patterns to design commercial bags is not only innovative and contemporary, but also a personalized expression technique.