Fifteen common uses of pins | metal lapel pin

Once in our country, there was a story about pins. Our country once held a conference on invention and creation. At the meeting, a Japanese scholar took out a handful of paper clips and asked everyone at the same time: How many ways can these pins be used? There were dozens of answers from Chinese scholars present, while Japanese scholars hurriedly claimed to have passed their own experiments more than 300 kinds. So there was thunderous applause from the audience.

At this time, a Chinese man in the audience handed a note, which read: I will prove that these pins have hundreds of millions of uses. The plan proposed by the Chinese later was called the magic ball phenomenon. According to the argument, paper clips can be turned into letters of various characters, numbers, can be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided, can react with chemical substances, can be used as weights, can conduct electricity, make strings, and even can Make clips, hang chains, etc.; the usage is very rich.

Here is an introduction to the various uses of paper clips, and maybe you can follow them.

The first usage: can be used to repair the zipper
Many people's zipper bags are easy to break. The upper ring is always the first part to rot. You can hang it with a pin instead. Is it easy to use?

The second usage: can be used instead of buttons
It’s common to wear clothes for a long time and the buttons fall off. At this time, paper clips come in handy. You can put them on the buttons instead of buttons.

The third usage: can be used as a hook
Bend the pins into two U shapes and hang them where you want to hang them.
Then hang up backpacks, clothes, etc.

The fourth usage: used to replace the key ring
It often happens that the keychain is broken. Many people buy another one directly. However, bending the pin into a keyring is also a good way.

Fifth usage: It can be used as a needle if it is polished
Cut off the pins and sharpen one end into various shapes with a file.
Or it can be polished into some special shapes for what? Well, the following figure illustrates.
It can be used to clean the nozzle of the sprayer and unscrew the small screw. Can also be used as a needle

The sixth usage: can be used to clamp the storage bag
So many small objects seem very annoying, but don't worry, put them in a small plastic bag. Then use a pin to pin it, is it much cleaner and fresher?

The sixth usage: used to make a keychain
I just mentioned that it can be used as a key ring, but it can also be used instead of a keychain.

Seventh usage: can be used as a screwdriver
It is also a little broken, and it is also very useful to screw the screws on the glasses.

Eighth usage: to fold the sleeves
It’s inconvenient to go out to work because the sleeves are longer. Many times you need to pull it up and pin it on, so it won’t fall off so easily.

Ninth usage: connect backpack straps
The buckle of this backpack is broken, but it is still easy to use if it is connected with a pin.
Try to lift it up, and the pin connection seems to be more secure.

Tenth usage: stick on tape
After sticking, there is no need to worry about tearing off the tape every time.

Eleventh usage: bag anti-theft and anti-lost property
It is suitable for babies with two pull tabs. Connect them with pins. It will be more troublesome for the thief to start. At the same time, it can also prevent things from falling out if they forget to pull the tabs.

Twelfth usage: storing wires
Use rubber bands with pins to tie up the wires so that they will not be so messy.

The thirteenth usage: as a mobile phone shelf
People who like to play with mobile phones, stand up mobile phones to watch videos, this seems to be a good choice
Then you only need to use a pin, bend the pin into a seat, and then you can put the phone on it.

Fourteenth usage: folder file
There is no need to explain this usage anymore. I am afraid that many people only know the usage of pins.
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