Future changes in the cell phone cases market.

1,With the realization of this new "function" of spiritual pursuit, cell phone cases products have found a new way out in 2022 when the mobile phone form is stagnant. Under the bold prediction, with the gradual improvement of the status of mobile phones in daily life, the cell phone cases will gain a broader space for development in the direction of spiritual pursuit and self-recognition.

2,In 2020, the IP co-branded model between Marvel and offline Japanese miscellaneous brands achieved great success online, which once again proved that the cultural route is a feasible route for cell phone cases brands. With the maturity of domestic copyright trading platforms such as Aliyu, it is foreseeable that cell phone cases brands can not only use famous IP to open up the market, but also become an incubation pool of original IP, and use cultural and creative peripherals to drive the development of the cultural industry.

3 On the other hand, the unclear development direction of mobile phones has also left enough space for the development of cell phone cases brands. In the future, we will continue to hone our related technologies, and achieve "technical preemption" after the future development direction of mobile phones is clear, so as to gain a head start.

4 In general, as a secondary industry attached to the development of the mobile phone industry, the cell phone cases can gradually develop from the original mobile phone accessories to the large market that is now on its own. Such a change is really unbelievable. Although there are some elements of "luck" in the development of the cell phone cases industry, in the final analysis, the success of cell phone casess is inseparable from in-depth insight into user needs and market development, and even more inseparable from consumer psychology.