How can stationeries be toy

The toyization of stationeries has raised the price of stationeries invisibly, and it is easy for primary and secondary school students to form a bad habit of comparing with each other. It is not uncommon for some children to show off in front of their classmates with novel or multi-functional stationeries, attracting envious eyes from everyone. Afterwards, some children "reluctant to admit defeat" asked their parents to buy the same or more fancy ones; some stationeries was specially set up as a series of products in order to enhance its appeal to minors, to induce children to buy products in large quantities. The way to collect a series, it is easy to cause children to become addicted. In either case, it's not good for the child's mental health.

Education is the first attribute of any school supplies. Parents and schools must be good "gatekeepers". In addition to parents buying carefully or even rejecting toy stationeries, schools should also help students establish correct selection criteria. It is also an important lesson for children to learn and grow up by allowing them to correctly recognize and view the various stationeries in their hands. At the same time, manufacturers are urged to strictly abide by standardized production, to conduct regular inspections of product safety, and to severely punish unscrupulous merchants in accordance with the law. From market supervision to education and guidance, collaborative efforts are made to promote the healthy development of the stationeries industry, which is not only conducive to correcting excessive stationeries toys It is also helpful for children to form correct values ​​and consumption concepts.

Stationeries should not be turned into toys, practicality is the last word, and children must not be allowed to choose between "learning" and "playing".