How long can a pet leashes last?

The leash is like the life rope of pets. If you have pets at home, you must have a pet leashes. However, I believe that many friends have some doubts about how long the pet leashes can be used. How long can the pet leashes last?

Many things now pay attention to the shelf life. Although the leash does not have a shelf life, due to the long time, the pet leashes that is often used is easily torn off. If it is not replaced in time, it will not only fail to achieve its original function, but also bring a lot of trouble. , Especially when the pet leashes is not strong, the pet dog will break away from the leash when going out for a walk, and it is easy to encounter a car accident or get lost, and even more unfortunately, it will bite passers-by. The timely replacement of the pet leashes mainly depends on the firmness of the pet leashes itself, the handle material and the hardness of the leash material, etc. Generally, good quality can be used for about three years. If there is no obvious breakage, it can be replaced every three years. Ordinary pet leashes, the pet leashes factory recommends that you change it at least every two years.

Although we say that the traction rope can generally be used for two to three years, it still depends on the specific situation. If there are any bad marks such as cracks, it should be replaced as soon as possible.