How long does it take for silicone products to form.

Nowadays, silicone products are widely used in life, and silicone products can be reasonably used in all walks of life. Therefore, the silicone industry is in a period of rapid development. Learn about silicone products.

1. The larger and thicker the silicone product, the longer the molding time: a row of silicone buttons can be molded at high temperature within 6 to 70 seconds, while the silicone dinner plate takes 4, 5 minutes or even longer to fully cook due to the size and thickness Translucent. Therefore, the customization time of large and thick silicone products is more expensive, and the production cost will also increase.

2. The setting of the mold temperature brings about the improvement of production efficiency: the production proofing of each new product is inseparable from the efforts of the technicians. The technicians debug with years of experience to obtain a better production temperature, so that it can be done in a shorter time. Complete production, improve production efficiency and reduce time costs.

Through the above introduction, you should have a better understanding of rubber and plastic products. If you need it, please contact us, we will introduce more knowledge for you.