How many uses can you think of for paracords?

paracords is not only one piece of versatile survival gear, but also a fun way to pass the time. Anything that paracords can do, ordinary rope can do too. However, the versatility of paracords is something it doesn't have when compared to ordinary rope.

Daily carrying uses of paracords:

Lanyard, tie keys, neck knife, whistle, etc. around the neck. Use as shoelaces. It is easier to hang it on your keys and knives and put it in your pocket, and it is easier to pull it out of your pocket. Use it as a belt. Use as a sling. Drawstring for elasticated pants. paracords bracelet. strap. pet leash. Pet collars. Headband. A rope to tie something.

Survival uses for paracords:

knife pendant. Wrap the hollow bone handle knife with paracords. Wrap paracords around freshly cut sticks to use as walking sticks. Hang the sheath of Cong Lin Dao around his neck with a paracords. Fasten your gear so it doesn't get lost. Used as a handle rope for bags.

Uses for paracords on makeshift shelters:

When crafting a shelter, use it to fasten wooden posts to build a shelter. Secure the tarp to a tree with paracords for use as a raised bed. Tie the hammock together with paracords. Secure the tarp to the top of the shelter with paracords to build the roof. Tie the tarp between the two trees, then tie the tarp to the tent.

Hunting-related paracords uses:

Use the paracords core as the snare line. Use the paracords inner core as fishing line. Repair fishing nets with paracords cores. Make a small fishing net with a paracords inner core. Use paracords to make a slingshot. Bind the knife and stick to make a spear.