How to choose a mobile phone stand

1. Is the load-bearing capacity good

If you want to choose a phone stand with good quality, when choosing a phone stand, you need to check whether the whole load-bearing capacity is good or not. You can directly put the mobile phone on the phone stand and actually check the effect. If the parts are relatively stable, there is no The situation of the change indicates that the quality is not bad.

2. The clip of the mobile phone can adjust the angle

If you want to choose a good quality phone stand, when choosing a phone stand, you should choose a phone stand with a clip that can adjust the angle. Some phone stands cannot adjust the angle, so there is no way to use the mobile phone from all angles. The clamp of the rotating ball can rotate at any angle within a large range.

3. The opening of the clip for the phone should be larger

Make sure that the opening of the clip part of the mobile phone is larger, because many people use mobile phones of different sizes, some are smaller, some are larger, it is best to choose those mobile phone brackets with larger clip openings, which can be suitable for different sizes. mobile phone.

4. The cushion inside the base clip should be non-slip

Make sure that the cushion inside the base clip is non-slip, and a good quality mobile phone bracket base clip will be installed with a silicone anti-skid pad, so that when using the mobile phone bracket, it will not only not scratch the furniture, but also can effectively prevent slipping.

5. The base clip is widely used

It is necessary to ensure that the base clip can be used in a wide range, because there are more furniture in many homes now, and the occasions for using mobile phones are also diversified. It is necessary to ensure that the clips on the base of the mobile phone bracket can be used on tables, chairs, bedsides and other positions of different thicknesses.