How to choose the right dog collars

Dog collar
Dog collars are one of the indispensable elements in a dog's wardrobe. As the most important accessory, not only must the dog collar have sufficient length and width, but the collar must be comfortable to wear and will not restrict the dog's activities.
What material should a suitable dog collar be made of
The material has a great influence on the wearing comfort of the dog collar. First, it should be of the highest quality. Dog collars are constantly in contact with the dog's skin, so pay special attention to the quality of the collar to avoid adverse effects on the dog's skin. The material inside the dog collar should be soft and comfortable. At the same time, the entire collar must be durable enough to avoid breaking when walking with the dog.

All dog accessories (including collars) should be kept clean to ensure proper sanitation of pets. In winter, collars with metallic elements should be avoided. In cold weather, this substance will absorb the temperature in the environment, and when in contact with the dog's skin, it may cause great discomfort.

The dog collar is fastened for comfortable daily use
Dog collars are usually different in two fastening methods. The first is based on the same construction as conventional belts. The collar has a metal buckle and a series of holes to adjust the circumference freely. The second option is not to fix it with a buckle, but to fix it with a bolt usually made of plastic. The advantage of this kind of collar is that it can be adjusted freely, but it is usually very small and easy to fix.
When choosing a dog collar, choose a buckle that will ensure dog safety. Remember, it is very important for the comfort of quadrupeds and the safety of pets.

How to choose the right size dog collar
An important feature of the perfectly selected dog collar is its tailoring, material, but not only that. Appropriate size is essential for the freedom and comfort of the dog during walking.

The length is moderate so that the dog cannot remove it from his neck by himself. However, the dog collar should not be too tight, because it will cause great discomfort to the dog when wearing it. Measure the dog's neck circumference and add 2 cm to this measurement. If you want to make sure that the collar is appropriate, check whether you can put two fingers between the collar and the pet's neck.

In addition to the proper length of the collar, the width of the collar is also important. In this case, it depends largely on the size of the dog. The collar of the big dog should not be too narrow, because it will stick to the neck. In turn, small dogs may not feel comfortable when the collar is too wide.
One type of collar is to protect dogs from parasites, and the material used to make the collar should contain substances that repel harmful insects.

When choosing a collar, please pay attention to its size, material and durability and sturdiness. In addition, you should choose a stylish and intimate tailoring collar. Our dog should also look fashionable. Choosing a collar made of the highest quality materials can ensure that it can serve our pets for a longer period of time.