How to customize the most suitable pewter badges

It is often encountered that some customers do not know how to choose when customizing pewter badges, and do not know what kind of material and craftsmanship to use, and sometimes they do not get the most practical pewter badges at very high prices. Or the price of customized pewter badges far exceeds their own budget.

Today I mainly teach you how to choose and customize the most suitable pewter badges from the following six aspects.

1. Material selection: pure gold, pure silver, red copper, brass, zinc alloy (the largest amount is recommended), aluminum, stainless steel, iron (low price, but easy to rust) and other metal materials.

2. Process selection: imitation enamel pewter badges (cloisonne) have beautiful appearance, the material is copper or zinc alloy, baking paint pewter badges (beautiful and affordable, recommended, the material is copper, zinc alloy or iron), biting, printing (for graphics Small, complex and gradual, you can only use offset lithographic printing, but if the number is small, the cost of plate making will be high) You can add drops of glue on the surface, that is, transparent protective resin (Poly).

3. Accessories for pewter badges: The default accessories for pewter badges are horse pins and butterfly buckles. High-end products include flat head buckles, hat buckles, safety pins, hook pins, etc.

4. The choice of electroplating surface effect of pewter badges: According to the artwork, it can be plated with bright gold, matt gold, bright silver, bright copper, bronze bronze, red bronze, ancient tin, matt nickel, etc. The surface can be brightened. Matte, matte and other effects, and an additional layer of protective resin (Boli).

5. Pewter badges design drawing: the more complex the graphics, the more colors, the higher the price, and many pewter badges artwork effects are impossible to achieve in the actual production of pewter badges.

6. Price of pewter badges: The price of pewter badges is largely determined by the material, production process and quantity of pewter badges. If the budget is sufficient, please choose copper or zinc alloy pewter badges. For cheaper prices, please choose iron or aluminum pewter badges.