How to install the keychains?

Generally, when we wear keychains, we will use our fingernails to open the keys and change them, and then wear the keys. But doing so takes a lot of nails and hurts a bit. It's a hassle for people who don't have long nails. There are two useful methods below.

The first is to use the thin card or issuing card around you. Using the principle of leverage, you can open the mouth a little and put in the key.

The second and better method is to use a straw here. We usually use a straw for drinking milk, or a large straw, as long as the keyhole can pass through. Let's cut a small piece out. If the straw does not have an elbow, it can be cut off. Then insert one end of the straw into the open end of the key changer and it's easy to insert. Then thread the key into the straw, which is easy and effortless to get in.