How to tell if your paracord is nylon or polyester?

This is also very simple, you can light one end of the paracord with a lighter, and then glue the paracord to the nylon.

Nylon will bond to nylon and polyester will bond to polyester.

But nylon won't bond to polyester.

If your paracord has a polyester core but a nylon shell, the two won't bond together either.

Testing the quality of paracord is easier.

Usually after you get the paracord, you need to practice your hands. The practice I am talking about here is not about weaving a paracord bracelet or the like.

but use it for shelter;

To bind a knife with it, to make a spear;

Use it to create a trap.

Improve your jungle skills while testing them out.

If your paracord you are not mil-spec, but have tested it and found it to be of exceptional quality.

Well that's an excellent paracord too, whether it's mil-spec or not.

Many military paracords are as high quality as civilian ones.