Is it better to customize a large metal badge or a small one? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Customized metal badge are better or small. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Metal badges are large and small. Some people like big ones, some like small ones, some like simple and generous, some like complicated patterns, and some like bright ones. Some people like elegant ones.

The size of the badge customization sometimes directly affects the price. Generally, the larger the size, the higher the price. Because of the long construction period and the time-consuming production of consumables, the input of labor and materials has increased, so it will be relatively expensive. , Of course, it’s not exactly such an example, so the smaller the cheaper it is? Nor is it true. There is also a counter-example that the smaller is more expensive, because the size is too small, the design is complicated, the pattern realization is difficult, the process flow is too much, and the operation is very If it is difficult, this kind of one will be more expensive. Therefore, when choosing badge customization, the size and pattern of our badge customization, as well as the material selection and realization process, etc. must be combined and comprehensively considered. Of course, the actual design needs must be considered first. The difficulty in production can be solved by finding more ways to solve it, so as to improve the possibility and cost-effectiveness in actual operation.

So, having said that, the size problem in the badge customization process is very important. If you are not sure about this aspect, you can also discuss with the manufacturer during the customization process. After all, the manufacturer has rich production experience, and they know in many cases. It can also better combine our needs to put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions to customers, so as to achieve an effective unity of product design and quality.