Material classification of Paracords

Let's talk about the material of the paracords. From second to best are polypropylene, polyester, nylon.
First of all, it is the most common and cheapest polypropylene. paracordss made of this material generally bear a force of no more than 130kg, because the strength of polypropylene is the lowest among the three, but in addition to the tension index, the most deadly thing about this material is that it is not resistant to oxidation and corrosion. You will find that it is not resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Years later, polypropylene fiber is oxidized and catalyzed, and it will be broken when it is gently pulled by hand, losing its toughness and strength.
The second material, polyester, is the most cost-effective material, and it is also a high-quality paracord produced by manufacturers who pursue quality. The paracord of this material is corrosion-resistant and can withstand a large tensile force (the standard polyester paracord is about 240kg), but the disadvantage is that the static tensile force is high, but it is easier to break than nylon when suddenly stressed.
The third type, nylon, is a real nylon paracord (nylon). It should be noted that the popular name in China will refer to polypropylene, polyester and nylon as nylon, which is also an opportunity for many businesses to take advantage of loopholes. Nylon paracord is the best among paracord materials, and it is also the best quality, with a load-bearing capacity of 550lb, and is extremely resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Compared with polyester, it has stronger impact resistance (can withstand sudden increase in tension. minus change). Due to the superiority of its material, the paracord of this material is widely used by the armies of various countries regardless of the cost. Of course, there are also civilian high-quality nylon paracords, but there are more fakes, and the cost of nylon is several times that of polyester. Nylon paracords, the standard length of the price is generally around 300 yuan.
It should be noted that when the paracord is stressed, it will deform slightly (slightly stretched). The existence of this amount of deformation makes the parachute rope have some impact resistance, but always remember (mentioned above) that for ropes originally designed as static ropes, after receiving huge tension and causing deformation, the fibers will age rapidly and become brittle , its sturdiness will become seriously unreliable. (This is why many ropes will indicate that they cannot be used for human weight bearing multiple times)