Metal Jewelry | Hardware Girl: What kind of metal decoration can make your outfit match the icing on the cake?

Metal Jewelry

The tolerant background of the times has given the opportunity to diversify the development of clothing, which has also revived more and more classic and decorative arts. Among them, metallic materials are increasingly used in clothing through gloss and mirror effects. Among the decorative accessories, flowers, chains, pins, avatars, etc. let the metal material once again return to the role of gorgeous decoration, telling the brilliant golden age in a delicate way.

Floral decoration
The metal material is combined with rhinestones to form a gorgeous flower shape, which is presented on the clothing in the form of buckles or embellishments and inlays. There are also metallic sequins made into three-dimensional flowers to decorate the clothing to create a delicate and delicate shape. Beauty.

Complex decoration is one of the important features of metal decoration this season. Among them, the shirts of tooling style will also be decorated with metal buckles. The buckles of the windbreaker are decorated with metal snap buttons of different sizes, pearls, round sequins, etc. , And mostly round shapes of different sizes.

Eye decoration
The highly personalized metal eyelets are dotted on the clothing, which makes the individuality more distinctive, and the faint exposure of the skin is more sexy, but the overall individuality does not lose the fashion style.

Size rivet
As a button decoration, the studs are a bright spot, rich in details and very attractive, combining the coldness of heavy metals with the soft characteristics of women. It can not only achieve the overall design creativity, but also reflect the perfect expression of details.

Metal link
In the autumn and winter of 20/21, clothing will also return to the category of classic decorative beauty. The metal will be presented on the clothing in the form of a chain, such as waist, neckline and other parts, which will also be combined with the form of slings to form a wearable clothing collocation. , Increase the interaction and link relationship between clothing and metal chains.

Golden decorative buckle
Affected by the return of classics, golden metal buckles or sequins will be more used in clothing in the autumn and winter of 20/21. This kind of decorative buckle will combine with Baroque decorative art, emphasizing the rich changes of button shapes to highlight the decoration Beauty.

Metal pin
In the use of metal pins, in addition to adjusting the shape of the clothing, it will also add some decorative pins. Multiple pins are used in the shoulder, placket, waist, side seams and other positions of the clothing for self-cultivation and decoration. The role of.

More metal decoration recommendations
After deducting the metal decoration, there will be some small buckles inspired by tights. This kind of buckle will be used on the trousers in addition to the waist seal this season. Metal buckle decorations with a sense of surface imperfections mostly emphasize the rough image that has not been polished. There are also buttons in the form of staples, which represent a form of unordered buckle decoration.