Metal Products manufacturers introduce several filter nets

Metal Products manufacturers introduce several filter nets.
Many people see the badges glittering, they all think it is made of gold. In fact, most of the badges of the golden light are made of brass. The price of gold is so expensive, the price of one size is very high, and the badges made entirely of gold are not displayed. But now the production method can make the material that is not gold exude the texture of gold.

There are many materials that can be used as badges. There are different kinds of different types, and today we will introduce these materials briefly.

The first introduction is definitely copper, and copper can be divided into three types: red copper, copper and bronze. Because the texture of copper is relatively tough and soft, and also has good ductility, not only that, but also the properties of copper, the conductivity and thermal conductivity of copper are very high, the status is only second to silver, the price of copper is also It is indeed much cheaper than silver. And because copper is also a precious metal, it has a strong suitability and is easy to process and beautiful colors.

The second common badge making material is zinc alloy, which is an alloying element composed of zinc and other elements. According to the processing technology, zinc alloy can be divided into two types: deformation and cast zinc alloy. Because of its good casting performance, zinc alloy can die-cast complex shapes and thin-walled precision parts. The casting is relatively smooth, and its surface can be treated with some problems such as electroplating, sand blasting and polishing.