Metal tags | What are the advantages of electroforming logo metal label production?

Nickel electroforming signs are widely used and are praised by more and more industry friends. It is made by electroplating and electroforming. The color and surface effect can be customized according to customer requirements. The back of the electroforming label comes with glue, just tear off the release paper and paste it directly on the product, which is very convenient to use.

1. Advantages of nickel electroforming logo metal label
1. The surface is exquisite and shiny, gorgeous and beautiful, non-corrosive, non-fading, and flawless.
2. The sticking is firm and not easy to fall off: Brush glue or composite strong 3M double-sided tape on the back, tear off the release paper and stick it, easy to use.
3. Nickel logo metal label color types: mainly gold, silver, copper, nickel, gun black, matte, bright and other colors, as well as multi-color, laser anti-counterfeiting and other color effects. (Can be customized according to actual color requirements)
4. Simple to use (the steps are as follows:)
    A. Wipe the dust on the surface of the product with a dry cloth;
    B. Tear off the release paper on the back of the metal label;
    C. Paste the label with release paper on the surface of the product
    D. After attaching the electroforming label to the product, please use a dry cloth to flatten and compact it;
5. After installation, tear off the protective film on the surface at a 45 degree angle.

2. What are the advantages of nickel electroforming logo metal label vs. traditional silk-screen stamping label?
1. The silk-screened signs are colored by the silk-screen printing process, which is easy to fade, and the appearance is not as refined as electroforming signs. The surface of the signs is easy to scratch and fade, which affects the appearance of the product. The electroforming signs are colored by electroplating and oil injection, the color will look more glossy, the appearance is exquisite, and it is not easy to fade, and the wear resistance test will be done before shipment, and the quality is guaranteed.
2. The ink used when coloring the silk-screen signs is not environmentally friendly, and the pollution to the environment is relatively large. The electroforming signs are made of environmentally friendly materials, and the export inspection can be passed.
3. Stamping signs must be produced with a mold, and electroformed thin signs can be produced without opening a mold. The cost is low and the shipping speed is faster. Moreover, the edges of the stamping signs are rough, and there is no exquisite electroforming signs.

 Nickel label has a wide range of application fields, mainly used in electronic digital products, household appliances, leather goods, gift box packaging, mobile power supplies, mobile phone cases, sports equipment, etc. The detailed application categories are as follows:
1. Packaging products such as gifts, cosmetics, wine boxes, tea boxes, etc.
2. Tea sets, vacuum flasks, clocks, accessories, lighters, belt buckles, leather goods, jewelry, glasses and other supplies.
3. DVD, VCD, audio system, mobile phone patch, computer, case, display screen, refrigerator, air conditioner, water dispenser, washing machine and other electrical appliances.
4. Furniture, anti-theft doors, kitchenware, wardrobes, bathroom, aquarium, office supplies, mechanical equipment and other products.
5. Body decals, car stickers, nickel electroforming for automobiles, motorcycles, and electric mopeds.

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