Paracords weaving material selection and popular science

paracords science:

Paracord is an important outdoor survival tool. In outdoor sports, paracords can do many things, such as (outdoor temporary) simple housing construction; repair equipment and clothing; make traps and fishing nets; make fire bows for fire drillers. Paracord is a good choice in most situations because it is practical, strong, small and easy to carry. Before you prepare to travel, confirm how many paracords to use. Be sure to pack it in two places, in your backpack and with you, and simply knit it on your hand for more security. This is to also have paracords available when separated from your bag.

The material of the paracords is: polyester jacket (can be understood as plastic), cotton core (can be understood as cotton material), if there is flint, the cotton core can be used alone to make fire.

The paracords is divided into: 2mm thick single-core paracords, 4mm thick 7-core paracords, 6mm thick 9-core paracords;

The standard 7-core single paracord has a load-bearing capacity of 500kg, and the general 7-core paracord used for weaving has a single load-bearing capacity of 280kg.