Precautions for Printed Acrylic Stand in the screen printing process

1. The printing film can not be replaced by laser print draft or sulfuric acid paper draft. It must be a positive or negative positive film output by a professional manufacturer. Each time you output, you must output one more blank film with positioning crosshairs. When printing, first fix the blank cross-hair film on the glass plate with transparent tape, and other color films should be based on this, so that the position of the screen can be kept consistent.
2. For fine screen production, high-resolution imported photosensitive glue and high-tension and low-stretching imported screen must be selected.
3. The printing ink should use high-gloss, friction-resistant organic glass ink, especially matte ink when printing on the surface, because this ink is not resistant to friction and the color is not gorgeous.
4. Screen printing color matching is generally carried out based on the experience of the screen printing master. Because the number of screen meshes used in each batch of orders is different, the thickness of the photosensitive film is also different, which often causes the color cast of the printed product, "the ink color in the barrel" No, I will see the true face after scraping on the page" which explains this truth. Therefore, each batch of orders must be printed out with the printed screen for trial printing, and the customer can confirm that the color is consistent with the original before entering the formal printing.
5. Large-format paintings must be printed with a screen printing machine, and small-format paintings can be printed with suction pads. During the printing process, six consistency should be maintained: 
①The screen spacing of multi-color screens should be consistent; 
②The printing speed should be the same; 
③The printing pressure should be the same; 
④ Keep the ink consistency consistent;
⑤The hardness of the large and small scrapers is the same when printing by hand;
⑥ Maintain the same temperature and humidity in the printing workshop.

There is often a lot of static electricity and dust on the surface of the Printed Acrylic Stand. If the dust adheres to the screen, it will cause the text and color blocks to be incomplete and waste products. Therefore, printing must be carried out in a clean and dust-free room. The surface dust can be removed in two steps. First, wipe off the surface dust with a damp cotton cloth, and then use an electrostatic dust removal brush or dust removal roller to remove the remaining dust. When printing, check while printing. If any problems are found, clean the screen in time before printing.