Size and Material Selection for Medal Badges

Dimensions of medal badges:
The size of medal badges on the market is generally 2-2.5CM, and the other general sizes are 1.8X2.1CM, 2.5X3CM, 3.5X4CM, 3.5X5CM, 4X6CM. Different styles and shapes have different sizes. You can customize according to your own. Customized on demand.

Material of Medal Badge:
With the development of the medal and badge making process, in addition to metal, the mainstream materials on the market are also more diverse, including wood, glass, resin and other materials, but in recent years, the collection value of metal medals and badges has increased. More and more prominent, especially the type of medals, high-end medal badge materials as well as enamel medals and lacquer medals.
At present, the mainstream type of medals and badges is metal, and the finished products have texture and look and feel. This type of medals and badges is more popular among the public.