Soft PVC pipe production process: mixing process

When mixing at high speed, the additive penetrates into the voids of the PVC resin, so that the additive is evenly dispersed in the resin. Considering that the temperature above 100°C is conducive to the evaporation of water vapor in the material, the temperature of the general heat mixer is set at 100-120°C. ℃. In order to allow the additives to fully contact with the PVC particles and reduce the filler’s adsorption on the additives, the heat mixer should be started immediately after adding the PVC resin, and then the materials should be fed in the following order: stabilizer, various processing aids, colorants , fillers. In actual production, most of the raw and auxiliary materials are put in and then the thermal mixer is started.

     The temperature of the mixture released by the thermal mixer is very high, and it needs to be cooled immediately. If the heat dissipation is not timely, the material will decompose and the additives will volatilize. Cold mixing is generally controlled when the material temperature is about 40°C.