Some introductions about badges | personalised badges

To some extent, badges are signs that distinguish your identity. Different occupations and social statuses wear different badges, which represent different professional images. A badge that is worn correctly not only reflects your identity, but also Reflect your image of etiquette. You will often find that different people sometimes wear the same badge in different positions. Yes, there is no fixed position for the badge, but we often see stars wearing badges so dazzlingly on TV and magazines. In addition, our leaders will also wear a badge on their chests when they visit or participate in major meetings. The badge that symbolizes the motherland is so familiar and cordial in our eyes. Wearing a badge properly will give a completely different effect.

Most badges are worn on the left chest, but some conference badges are worn on the collar of a suit, while armbands and collar badges have relatively fixed positions. Pay attention to the size and weight of the badge when wearing the badge. If the badge is relatively large and heavy, it is required to add a thorn horse to prevent the badge from falling; some small and light badges can be equipped with magnet stickers, which also avoids leaving the thorn horse on the clothes. Pinhole. Pay attention to the color matching of the clothes when wearing the badge. When pregnant women and children wear badges, try to use magnet accessories to pierce the horse to avoid puncturing the skin.

In addition, the size and shape of the badge vary depending on the occasion of wearing the badge, and sometimes you can choose the correct wearing position according to your own clothes. For example, if you wear a suit, sometimes you can wear the badge on your collar; if you wear a looser outfit, you can choose a larger badge to wear. If you choose a badge that is not very heavy, and you are heartbroken that your clothes are pierced by the badge, you can choose a magnetic badge.

Find the badge style you like, use different badge wearing methods for different occasions and different badges, find the correct badge wearing method that belongs to you, show your different style, and make you more noticeable.
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