Some tips on choosing a fountain pen

Recently preparing to practice calligraphy, but don't know which pen to choose?
If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. Understand the importance of the pen, but at a loss. For beginners, it is best to choose a pen to practice when you just start to learn calligraphy. Because the pen makes it easier for us to grasp the changes in the details of the word, the rhythm of the thin strokes allows us to get started faster and improve quickly. Now let’s share how to choose a pen suitable for daily calligraphy.

Choice of nib

The tip of a fountain pen is generally divided into: dark tip and bright tip. It can also be subdivided into dark tip, semi-light tip, bright tip, bag tip and calligraphy tip.
The dark tip is harder and easier to achieve a hard and slippery effect. Therefore, it is usually recommended to use the dark tip in daily calligraphy: the bright tip is softer to write and can easily achieve the effect of soft bullets. If used as a signature pen, a bright tip pen more suitable. of course! Sometimes for the pursuit of artistic effects, you can also use fine art brushes.

The weight of the pen barrel and the thickness of the pen tip

It is generally recommended that you choose a pen with a lighter barrel and a fine tip to practice writing. Why is that?
This is very important for beginners to practice calligraphy. If the pen is too heavy, the hand of the writer will become tired quickly, and will feel tired and difficult to control. However, it is easier to write the details of the strokes by choosing a pen with an extra-fine nib, and it is easier to see the progress in the process of writing.
For beginners, it is recommended that you use a 0.38 dark tip pen.

Smoothness and damping

A pen with a high degree of smoothness requires the writer's ability to control the pen when writing, and it will be very smooth in one stroke. The written characters may deviate from what you expected, which will make you lose the information of practicing calligraphy; The damped pen makes a slight rustle when writing, and the writing speed is not so fast. It is more suitable for beginners to practice pen control ability, and it is easy to find the feeling of practicing handwriting.
When choosing a fountain pen, we should not blindly pursue the brand. It is not that the more expensive the fountain pen is, the better. The most important thing is the one that suits our writing habits! No matter how good the pen is, you have to practice your calligraphy frequently! Writing a good hand is our ultimate goal!