stainless steel ice cubes

Stainless steel ice cubes

The new type of stainless steel ice cubes is also called stainless steel ice pellets, or steel ice for short. The new stainless steel ice cubes replace the traditional ice cubes. Because the traditional ice cubes are made of water, they will be melted in wine or beverages, and the taste of the beverage will become weaker and affect the taste. The surface of the new stainless steel ice cube is made of 304 stainless steel, which will not melt into water and affect the taste. Special freezing liquid is placed inside, and the freezing capacity is longer than traditional ice cubes. Adopting the principle of physical cooling, it can be recycled indefinitely and is easy to clean; it completely avoids the harm to the human body caused by ice cubes made from unclean water sources.

Physical action
This kind of inert metal block will be favored by connoisseurs. It can maintain the taste of the drink without diluting the drink. The 51-year-old designer Dave Leturi is from Massachusetts, USA. He pointed out that my inspiration comes from the previous use in my early design career. I heard about the famous designer Raymond Rowe in the early 20th century. The story is that he uses frozen ball bearings on town whiskey. These ball bearings will not add moisture like ice cubes and cause beverage substitution.

Use range
Leturi chooses the stainless steel metal block for ice because it will not melt as quickly as ice cubes, nor will it weaken the taste of the drink. He said: "The ball bearing is easy to move, and it will collide at the bottom of the cup when it is placed in a water cup. The stainless steel metal block is made into a marshmallow shape, and it will stay in the bottom cup so that people can drink. Each metal block It weighs 70 grams, is 25 mm in diameter and 19 mm in height."
He pointed out that if someone wants to cool down the beverage as soon as possible, they can place multiple stainless steel metal blocks, rinse them thoroughly after use, and store them in the refrigerator.

Uses Before use, wash it and freeze it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, then it can be placed in the beverage. It reduces the temperature of the beverage but does not reduce the solubility of the beverage, and brings you a better taste. And can be recycled, economical, healthy and environmentally friendly.