The purpose of the mobile phone stand

The phone stand mainly uses the principle of mechanics to make the tablet mobile phone have a support point one by one, which can be placed upright or obliquely on a horizontal object.
There are two main types of phone stand, one is a suction ring attached to the back of the mobile phone, and the other is a bracket used to place the mobile phone on it. The first method of use only needs to stick the suction ring on the back of the phone, and then release the ring to place the phone. The second is to directly open the phone stand to 45 degrees, and put the mobile phone on it and you can use it.
Most of the car mounts now use replaceable mounts, which can be switched at will whether you are using a tablet or a mobile phone. It adopts super-large strong suction cup, which can be firmly sucked on the windshield, and can also be installed on the air outlet of the car air conditioner and the dashboard of the car. The support frame is strong and strong, it will not shake or fall, and the angle can be adjusted. There are many types of car mounts, in addition to car mounts, there are bicycle mounts, motorcycles, phone stand etc. Of course, these are inseparable from our mechanical and electrical equipment such as bending machines, pipe bending machines, buckle machines, bending machines, compressors, looping machines, embossing machines, shearing machines and so on.