Things to pay attention to when choosing a pen

If you like to write words, do you have a pen you like? Do you feel that even though you already have 100 pens, you still lack one? But do you know how to choose a pen that suits your writing habits? Choosing a pen is not the more expensive the better, because each pen has its own personality, so you still have to try it in a physical store to see if the feel is right for you. Today we have listed the following points for you, how to choose a pen that suits you!

Brand selection

Pens are also commodities. There is a certain market. Naturally, there are many big and small brands. The better big-name pens have better service than some small stores, and the quality is guaranteed to a certain extent. Relatively speaking, it will make the writer write smoother.

Nib selection

The tip of a fountain pen is generally divided into: bright tip and dark tip, and can also be subdivided into dark tip, semi-bright tip, bright tip, bag tip and calligraphy tip.

Generally speaking, the bright tip is softer, while the dark tip is harder. The bright tip is easy to achieve the effect of soft bullets, while the dark tip is easier to achieve the effect of hard and slippery. For daily writing a lot, the dark tip is more recommended, but if it is a leader's signature, a bright tip pen is more suitable.

Appearance selection

Although the pen is a kind of writing instrument, it is the same as other products. The merchant will design many ingenious styles to attract buyers. For example, there are dozens of styles for a brand of fountain pens, penholders of different materials, penholders of different colors, and shapes of different lengths. Buyers can consider from many aspects.

Of course, the price of pens of different materials is also different

The thickness of the pen

Pens are like human hands. Human hands can be divided into fat and thin, and pens can be divided into different thicknesses. Some pens have smaller cylinders and are suitable for people with petite hands. Some have thicker pens and are suitable for people with larger hands.

Function selection

The length of the pen is generally about 12.82cm, but with the development of social demand and the birth of the fashion leader, some alternative, some small and exquisite pens appear. There are telescopic and foldable pens, which are convenient to carry when you go out and you can choose according to your needs.

Ink test writing

If possible, inhale ink and write, such as from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and then draw circles, waves, ellipses continuously, and watch the ink supply when writing. Is the situation smooth?

You can try to write the number "8" from multiple angles, and feel whether the pen is smooth or not. If there is ink jam or some pauses, it will be regarded as unqualified.