Things to pay attention to when using pens

Pen is a very common product, but many people don't know what to pay attention to when using pen.

Use and maintenance of pens

①The gold nib should be written on the front side, and the iridium nib can be written on both sides
②Fix the cap at any time after writing, so that the ink will not affect the writing
③If the pen can be used normally, don't shake it vigorously, a large vibration will cause the pen to wear out
④It is best to use the same brand of ink. If you change to a different ink, remember to wash the pen!
⑤It is best to write every day if there is ink in the pen. If you do not use it for more than a month, remember to empty the ink in the ink tube~

Tips for using pens:

1. The newly purchased pen does not need to be washed with warm water, let alone soaked with boiling water. Generally, only the pens with clogged nibs that do not emit ink well need to be cleaned.

2. The ink pen does not need to be too full, just use 2/3-1/3, so as to avoid "fake ink leakage". After inking, you can use a paper towel to absorb the ink at the front to prevent your fingers from becoming black. That's okay.

3. Test for ink leakage: we can block the nib and gently squeeze the ink sac. If you feel resistance to squeezing, then this pen is not leaking ink.

4. Every time you finish writing, you must remember to cover the pen cap to prevent the nib ink from condensing and causing poor writing.

5. Extra-fine pens are more or less likely to scratch paper. This is due to the problem of force when writing; in addition, it is not easy to write on a special hard pen calligraphy book.