Tote bag prepress design points.

When designing a tote bag, not only the ideological, authenticity and artistry of the advertising performance should be considered, but also the characteristics of the printing process, so as to improve the advertising performance. When designing tote bags before printing, you should pay attention to the following issues:

① Number of sheets. Even if the design draft is not suitable, it will also cause a waste of paper.
Have a sheet of open paper ready for reference at any time.

②The type of paper. When designing tote bags, you should pay attention to the type of paper, cleverly use the texture effects of different paper surfaces, and choose cloth paper, egg paper, glossy paper, etc. according to the different design contents, so as to achieve better design and publicity effects.

③ image processing. For pictures to be made into plates, the size of the design draft should be enlarged or reduced proportionally on the basis of the original size. According to the design needs, cut out or hollow out the unnecessary content in the picture.

④ Color design. Use the printed color spectrum when choosing colors. The design color should be matched with the four colors of yellow, magenta, cyan and black as much as possible, and use less special colors to avoid increasing costs.

⑤ text design. When designing text, italics and too small characters should be avoided; anti-white characters should not be used for imitation Song characters in small font sizes; the font size of bold characters should not be too small. Text on a light-colored background should not be designed to be reversed, and text on a dark background should not be too dark.

⑥ Cooperate with post-press processing. When designing a commercial tote bag, post-press requirements should also be considered. For example, the surface of a tote bag should be covered with a film. When designing, try to avoid using a large area of ​​dark color as the background color, so as to avoid too obvious bubbles during the filming process. , which affects the aesthetics of commercial bags.