What are the challenge coins and how do they benefit families?

The first family in the United States used challenge coins to recognize achievements, and a eagle-eye photographer took pictures of the challenge coins that President Obama sent discretely by shaking hands. What might you ask is a challenge coin? This is a custom coin that can be used to commemorate achievements, making it ideal for home use.
Military challenge coins are metals that have a design that represents the organization or achievement. The metal they make can be zinc, brass or bronze. They fit the palm of your hand, usually round, with engravings around the edges.
The challenge coins originated in the military, and they were given to the US soldiers by the commander in recognition of their outstanding service. Challenge coins can be issued for a simple handshake. Sometimes, the commander buys and issues coins to the soldiers themselves as a personal appreciation for their service and hard work. Through this way of displaying coins and their meaning, a friendly relationship can be established between the coin holders, and the challenge coin winner will be proud of the unique challenger holder group membership.
Suitable for families
In a family environment, it is appropriate to gain personal recognition and pride in belonging to a particular group. Navy challenge coins may be a good way to celebrate this. Event organizers can tag family events and gatherings by distributing custom challenge coins to all participants, which can serve as unique souvenirs for this occasion. Grandparents' birthdays, marriages or baby naming ceremonies are all suitable occasions for challenging coins.
Special occasion
Weddings are family gatherings, traditionally giving small gifts in recognition of all those who perform their duties. The groom can give souvenirs to the best man at the wedding, and the challenge currency is the perfect choice. Not only that, the air force challenge coins is also suitable for bridesmaids and other guests, family gatherings and holidays can bring some good memories to each participant, and as a souvenir challenge coin can bring back all these memories.
Receiving a challenge coin may be a special moment, and the act of presenting a challenge coin is equally satisfying. Now you know what is the challenge coin? The challenge coin is a souvenir of family association.