What are the functions of coasters?

What are the functions of coasters?

1. Insulation

The coaster has the function of heat insulation, which can protect the table or coffee table from being scalded.

2. Advertising role

Coasters have the function of advertising. The logo of the company and the enterprise is printed on the coaster, so that the coaster pattern that is widely used in daily life places will make people impression of the advertisement on the pattern, or generate interest in understanding. This makes the coaster have a great advertising effect.

3. As a small gift or souvenir for a friend

The coaster can be given to each other as a small gift in various festivals or on a friend's birthday. It is a good souvenir or small gift.

4. Decorate and beautify the desktop

There are more and more types of coasters. For different tea sets, tables or cups, with different patterns and styles of coasters, it can bring people different feelings, and it is also a reflection of taste.