What are the uses of metal key ring

1. Decorative: Although it is a keychain, it can also be hung on the bag as a bag buckle. This is a fashion girl's choice; remove the small buckle, it can be used as a home furnishing, full of peculiarities; it can be used as a child Playthings, but only for children over three years old to avoid accidental eating.

 2. Material characteristics: Mainly made of alloy, it will not rust in water, no need to worry about aging problems, and it is easy to maintain.

 3. In terms of size: light weight, easy to carry, fashionable and avant-garde, exquisite and small, cute.

 4. Price advantage: good quality and low price, the overall body has four excellent, excellent functions, excellent materials, excellent performance, excellent price, and it is relatively easy for consumers to accept.

  5. Gifts for couples: The key ring is a daily practical small decoration, it is also convenient for people to take the key, and also allows young people to express the fashion experience, which reflects the new carrier of people's personal taste. Create a unique keychain for your loved one, let him accompany you at any time, and let your sweetness be with you forever!

  6. Promotional gifts: Gifts, as a link of human emotions, bring more spiritual satisfaction to the recipients. The scope of dissemination as an information carrier is relatively wide. Now 4s stores, enterprises and institutions often use this metal keychain to print company information for publicity.
metal key ring