What does a pet leashes do?

The role of pet leashes:

1. Avoid the danger of being hit by the dog suddenly crossing the road in the process of free play, and the accident that the owner of the dog is hit by a car while chasing the dog;

2. Prevent the dog from suddenly leaving the owner's sight during the happy run, and the dog runs away;

3. Prevent chasing other dogs, unable to keep up with yourself, and accidental pregnancy;

4. Avoid dogs eating poisonous or rotten food, such as rat poison, etc.;

5. When encountering other dogs, the dog fights and bites or is bitten. If there is a dispute between the owners, the dog may also contract rabies;

6. The dog bites or frightens others, such as neighbors, the elderly, children, etc.;

7. Dogs smell dog urine indiscriminately, which is easy to infect diseases such as microscopic and canine distemper;

8. Dogs poop and urinate indiscriminately, which can easily cause annoyance and complaints from neighbors and property owners;

9. Dogs are easy to be stolen by people when playing freely.