What is silicone handbags

The silicone coin purse(silicone handbags) is a new coin purse that is emerging in the market in China. In fact, the coin purse of the silicone coin purse has been popular abroad and is very popular among foreign women.
For the reason.
Here we will introduce you to this new material silicone coin purse
Material aspect:
First of all, let's start with the material of the silicone coin purse: the silicon loose purse is made of silica gel. Silica gel is a non-toxic, harmless and odorless material with good stability, good resilience, stable physical and chemical properties, and high salary. Low temperature, can be used in the range of -80 * 280 ~ temperature and we are using environmentally friendly silicone material, the products are environmentally friendly!
Color aspect:
The custom silicone keychain can be color-coded with the color bay. It can be mixed and mixed to produce different colors, and the color will be realistic. It can be said simply: the color of the color paste is the same as the pigment used for painting. It's almost the same. The effect of the watercolor painting has also been seen. It is very beautiful. Compared to the traditional coin purse, in the color, the silicone coin purse is a good challenge to the traditional coin purse!
The silica gel has soft texture, good resilience, no deformation and aging and cracking of the material, and the silicone coin purse is formed by hydraulic molding after mixing the gel with the color paste, without worrying about discoloration.
Nowadays, the coin purses we use more often have leather and fabric. These coin purses are used for a long time or not pay attention, and the leather will burst. Fading, dirty can not be removed, the cloth will pilling or stick some dirt, although it can be cleaned, but some are clearWashing can not be washed, and the cleaning of silica gel is convenient, it can be easily cleaned, and at this point it is a big challenge to the traditional coin purse!
Due to the material relationship between the silicone coin purse and the continuous progress of the silicone production process, we can make silicone handbags of different shapes, circles, squares, diamonds; animal, plant, and characters can be made. As long as there is a sample, we can open it for you. The traditional handbags, we see in the market are square or round, and rarely see special novelty!
Silicone handbags are new material of the current era. While pursuing fashion, it also struggles with the environmental protection business of the current letter, why not!