What is the difference between PVC and silicone?

PVC materials and silicone materials are two different materials. The full name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is an amorphous white powder with poor stability to light and heat. PVC used to be the largest general-purpose plastic production material in the world, with a wide range of uses. The silicon raw material is a transparent or milky white granular solid with an open porous structure, strong adsorption force, and can adsorb various substances.

What is the difference in performance and usage of silicone products and PVC products?

Low liquidity

PVC is an amorphous material with low moisture absorption and poor fluidity. In order to improve fluidity and prevent air bubbles, PVC materials can be dried in advance.

Easy to decompose
PVC is easier to decompose when in contact with steel and copper at 200 ° C, and will emit corrosive and irritating gas when decomposed. Its molding temperature range is small.

Good chemical stability
PVC is a flame retardant with good chemical stability. At the same time, its material characteristics also include high strength, high rigidity and high hardness.

Corrosion resistance
PVC has good electrical insulation and is easy to process.

Temperature resistance
Silicon products have high thermal stability, and the chemical bonds of molecules will not break or decompose at high temperatures, and can be used in a wide temperature range.

Long lasting
Ultraviolet rays and ozone will not easily decompose silicone products. Silicon has better thermal stability, radiation resistance and weather resistance than other polymer materials.

Insulation and water resistance
Silicon products have good electrical insulation. Their electrical performance is almost unaffected by temperature and frequency. Silicon also has excellent water resistance.

Inert compound
Polysiloxane is the most inert compound known, with the ability to resist biological aging and good anticoagulant energy.

The difference between PVC rubber and silicone
Different craftsmanship

PVC products are made of polyvinyl chloride, oil and color paste. The raw materials are made by heating and cooling micro-injection epoxy process. Silica gel can be pressed and deployed in a mixer only by using silica gel to add masterbatch, and then put them into a mold by heating and cooling.

Different characteristics
Silicone products are more resistant to cold and heat than PVC products. Tableware made of silicone can be heated in a microwave oven, but PVC cannot.

Different appearance
From the appearance, the surface of silicone products is smooth and shiny. According to the feel, silicone products are soft, with good toughness and elasticity, while PVC soft rubber has a relatively low hardness and no toughness.

Burning smell
Silica gel products have a very small burning odor and powder, while PVC products will turn black after burning, and the smell will be bad when burning.

Different cost
The raw materials of PVC products made of synthetic materials are inexpensive. In production and manufacturing, silica gel is more expensive than PVC products.

It can be seen from the above differences that silicone is safer than polyvinyl chloride and is more suitable for food and medicine. PVC products have a greater price advantage and are more suitable as materials for promotional gifts.