What is the use of a silicone bracelet?

In order to catch up with the fashion trend, most people who play basketball now like to wear two silicone bracelets on their wrists, but they don't understand the use of silicone bracelets. The following is a brief introduction to the use of silicone bracelets.

1. In order to facilitate team identification.

When playing basketball, as an unknown player, in order to have some perfect cooperation in the game, such as air relay, etc., they often have to reach out to ask for the ball, and their sign of judging their teammates is the silicone bracelet on their wrists. s color. In the United States, streetball masters often have 4-5 different colored silicone bracelets in their pockets to facilitate team formation.

2. Prevent sweat from flowing on the player's hands and cause the phenomenon of slipping the ball.

Since the silicone bracelet is made of environmentally friendly silicone, it can effectively absorb the sweat discharged from the human body and prevent the sweat from flowing to the player's hands, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of slipping the ball.

silicone bracelet

3. Fashionable and trendy decorations.

The color of the silicone bracelet is colorful, and you can choose the color and style you like according to your own preferences. After wearing it, matching with your own clothes can play a very good role in decoration and embellishment. It is a must-have for trendy people who catch up with fashion.

4. In order to convey the belief of the wearer.

In today's society, people have more speech rights, and there are many ways to express their thoughts and beliefs. Because the DIY of the silicone bracelet is very flexible, it can completely engrave the LOGO text you want to express on the wrist band according to people's requirements, so as to achieve the role of the wrist band to convey beliefs.