What type of phone stand are there?

1. Dashboard suction cup type. As the first-generation phone stand, the disadvantage is that the suction cup is not strong and the mobile phone is easy to fall; the advantage is that the position of the instrument panel is optional, and it can be placed in the most comfortable position;

2. Front block suction cup type. Installed on the front windshield, the disadvantage is that it blocks the line of sight and is not safe; the advantage is the snake rod structure, which is convenient to adjust the angle;

3. The air outlet is suspended. It is installed at the air outlet of the air conditioner. The disadvantage is that due to different models, the fixed structure and position are limited, and it is impossible to rotate and adjust the angle; the advantage is that it is firmly fixed;

4. Magnetic 360-degree rotating phone stand. It is installed in any plane position that is convenient for the driver to operate. The disadvantage is that the magnetism will affect the magnetic field of the mobile phone signal. If it is pasted and removed, there will be a mark. The advantage is that it is small, flexible, and does not block the line of sight.

5. Silicone or other anti-skid brackets have the disadvantage that the direction cannot be adjusted, and the mobile phone is not firmly fixed. The advantage is that it is easy to fix and remove the mobile phone.