Advantages of Soft PVC Products

Soft PVC technology is closely related to our lives, and many products in our lives are inseparable from this technology.
Soft PVC products have strong weather resistance and are not easy to fade, so soft PVC products can provide different color options according to needs, and can even provide transparent and bright colors. Soft PVC technology manufacturers can provide various soft PVC products, such as bottle openers, winding machines, clips, PVC clips, coasters, key chains, key chains, PVC labels, lapels, luggage tags, PVC magnets, PVC medals , Memory card readers, mobile phone holders, PVC pens, photo frames, USB flash memory frames, wrist straps, etc. Because the products manufactured by the soft PVC technology are stable, these products are more durable.
PVC materials with special requirements generally need to be imported from abroad. The more well-known foreign countries are the United Carbonization Company and the Nordic Chemical Company. With the continuous research and development and technological accumulation of major research institutes and production units in China, domestic PVC has been changed. The formula design and manufacture of sexual materials have reached the international advanced level, and have completely replaced imported materials from abroad, and many products have been exported abroad.DONGGUAN JIAN PLASTIC & METAL PRODUCTS LTD is an enterprise with mature soft PVC technology. It has very good development prospects and can provide customers with high-quality soft PVC products.