What are the material of the table mat? What material is good for the table mat

What are the table mat materials? What material is good for the table mat? The table mat is mainly used to protect the table. If you encounter something very hot, the table mat can protect the table top. However, there are many kinds of table mat materials, and the effect of using different table mat materials is different.
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Table mat material:
1. Silicone table mat. Silicone table mats are relatively common, mainly used as table mats for tea cups. This kind of silicone table mats can be designed with different patterns, and there are many choices in the color of the silicone table mats, and they can guarantee that they will never fade. However, if the silicone table mat comes into contact with something that is too hot, it will easily turn black, and it will not be easy to clean up after a long time of use, and it will easily turn black.
2. Cotton table mat. This cotton table mat is very absorbent and can be used as a table mat for tableware. The table mat can accept high temperatures and can control the temperature to avoid being burned. Cotton table mats are easier to clean up after use. The material of cotton table mats is very soft and the use effect is very comfortable. However, the material of the table mat is relatively fragile, and there will be more stains after a long time, and it will not be easy to clean up, and there will be bacterial residues.
3. Bamboo table mat. Bamboo table mats can be found in many restaurants, especially those that make clay pots. The bamboo table mat has good heat insulation and can prevent scalding and damage to the dining table during use. Bamboo table mats can also be made into different shapes, which have high practicability and high ornamental value. Bamboo table mats can prolong the service life and avoid insects. The most important thing is that the price is also very affordable.
4. Hemp table mat. Hemp table mat is a table mat made of hemp as a material. This kind of table mat has a long service life and is very durable. Hemp table mat is a very strong table mat. When the hemp table mat is used, it has a good insect-proof effect, and it is also very convenient to clean up after using the hemp table mat.
5. Plastic table mat. Plastic table mats are also very common nowadays. The quality of plastic table mats is very light, and there are many styles. It is a relatively environmentally friendly table mat, and plastic table mats can be printed with many patterns and colors. Kind of, similar to silicone table mats, knowledge plastic table mats are harder.
6. Paper cloth table mat. Paper cloth table mats are generally not washable with water, so they are generally used as disposable table mats. Paper cloth table mats are also the latest type of table mats, all made of environmentally friendly materials.